Stuck on growing your PLG SaaS? Let's get you unstuck.

Whether you’re growing a SaaS business for the very first time or improving the PLG initiatives in an enterprise SaaS, you know that making guesses about your strategy without insights or intelligence is the ultimate facepalm moment — especially in a crowded marketplace.


Save yourself and your business from making painful growth mistakes with the clarity of insights directly from your target market with SaaS growth experts who can tell you in minutes where your growth blockers are and how to get unstuck.


Our promise: learn what’s blocking your growth in a completely free 45-minute call.

Let's troubleshoot your growth


“DemandMaven is a secret weapon for B2B and B2C SaaS companies that want to sustainably grow. I highly recommend them!”

April Dunford

Author of Bestseller "Obviously Awesome" , Founder of Ambient Strategy

We’re the strategic growth partner you’ve always wished you had

Confidently go-to-market — even if it's the first time

Strategize, prioritize, and plan the go-to-market activities you need to claim your space in your market. With our market research and customer discovery work, you will:

  • get crystal clear on who your customers are and what they care about
  • see the patterns that make an anti-customer (aka not-best-fits)
  • identify early acquisition channels to action on
  • understand the market’s product requirements
  • gather insights regarding pricing and monetization
  • highlight product growth opportunities currently in the market

Perfect for businesses who want to enter into new markets or refine GTM for existing ones they’re currently operating in. 

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“We hired DemandMaven to conduct market research as we started building the MVP of our product and I couldn’t be more relieved that we did. They painstakingly combed through every single interview, extracted the insights that we needed, validated what we already knew, and helped us think through what wasn’t validated to form new hypotheses instead. Based on what we gathered and the quality of the insights, I’m a huge fan.”

Davin Mac Ananey

CEO & Founder, Hamilton Rock

Troubleshoot growth and find your best growth opportunities

We will analyze your customers, market, competitors, and product and define your growth strategy in this 6-week Growth Engagement. We will help you:

  • bring focus to your best paying customers
  • refine your positioning & messaging
  • define your growth strategy & experiments
  • uncover your strategic “blindspots”
  • identify your highest-value growth opportunities

Plus, it’s completely customized to your exact business needs, target market, and your best growth opportunities.

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Get money-making insights from your customers using Jobs-to-be-Done

In 10 detailed Jobs To Be Done (JTBD)-style interviews, we’ll identify how your customers found you, why they chose you over the competition, and why they buy in just 5 short weeks. You’ll be able to:

  • get gold-nugget insights from your actual customers
  • understand their real frustrations, needs, and desires
  • save tons of time running interviews and analyzing the data
  • create the foundation for consistent growth

You’ll get the recordings, transcripts, and so much more. 

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“I have been working with a mutual SaaS client on usability testing and feature/improvement roadmap so I’ve spent a lot of time in the research that DemandMaven prepared for them.

You guys do amazing work – I was really impressed.”

Stephanie Leathe

Product Lead, 923 Digital

Got a bigger project that requires something more custom? We do that too.

No matter what growth challenges you're facing, we can provide insights and clear paths to accomplishing your goals at any scale. We help both small and large growth teams:

  • design and run custom research projects
  • analyze large data sets
  • surface insights from both qualitative and quantitative sources
  • translate insights into tactical growth projects for teams to execute

Perfect for internal marketing leaders, strategic growth leaders, corporate development leaders, and product owners who need business intelligence and research & development support from a nimble outsourced team. Plus — all of your data actually stays yours. We don't re-sell or re-package research like some of the big research consulting firms do.

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A few of the other things we do


Customer Discovery

Know for certain you're building the right product before you spend $200k+ building an MVP.


Survey Design

Never send a bad survey again. We'll design the survey based on your goals and cover gaps you didn't know were there.

UX Research

See exactly where users and customers get stuck and what propels them forward in your product.

Jobs Mapping

Get a clear view of the various JTBD your users are hoping to accomplish (and where your product can expand).

JTBD Canvas

See your customer's JTBD laid out in an easy-to-understand JTBD Canvas complete with struggling moments, the Four Forces, and their desired outcomes.

Pricing & Monetization

Stop guessing on pricing. Use data-driven insights to determine pricing instead.

Onboarding & Activation Strategy

Convert more customers without more marketing dollars.

Customer Journey Mapping

See the full customer journey (and clear opportunities for improvement).

Growth Audit

Get your top growth projects with a top-to-bottom growth audit by a SaaS expert.


Positioning & Messaging

Never fall into the "meh" category again with insights-driven positioning and messaging.

Website Conversion Audit

Customers getting lost? Not with this website conversion audit.

Market & Competitor Analysis

Know exactly what you're up against (and where the greatest opportunities lie).


Feature Preference Analysis

What features actually drive value for customers? Know with a feature preference analysis.

Acquisition Channel Research

Know exactly what channels to leverage for customer acquisition. No more guessing and seeing what sticks.

Paid Acquisition Audit

Get your ad campaigns and landing pages audited and see your biggest opportunities for growth (and which ones to trash).

Win-Loss Analysis

Where does your product win and where does it lose? Let customers be the judge.

Some of the incredible SaaS businesses we’ve helped grow

True stories about how we helped these companies get unstuck

How Hamilton Rock uncovered new product opportunities and overhauled their roadmap

A story about how an MVP-stage online banking provider for eCommerce got to know their ideal customers, and mitigated product risk by uncovering some previously unknown product requirements.

How DemandMaven helped this vacation rental management software company 4x in growth through a pandemic

This is a story about hyper-focusing on the clearest growth opportunities, tenacity, and overcoming all obstacles and customers start churning left and right.

 “DemandMaven is an exceptional marketing and growth partner for early-stage SaaS. She’s one of the few people out there who can work both on marketing strategy and also execute on the tactics.”

Rob Walling

Co-founder, MicroConf & TinySeed

Bring your product to your people

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