So, what is DemandMaven?

DemandMaven, Inc. is a woman-owned growth consultancy that helps growing SaaS companies and startups find their absolute best growth opportunities, troubleshoot their growth, and generate their next $1M ARR. DemandMaven also works with early-stage SaaS companies on their go-to-market strategies and finding product-market fit. DemandMaven was founded in 2018 by Asia Orangio — 2x SaaS marketer for two high-growth, VC-funded startups.


Meet Asia Orangio — CEO & Founder of DemandMaven

Asia Orangio has been helping SaaS founders from all over the world identify their greatest growth blockers, and overcome them through tried-and-true growth strategies. In early 2018, Asia founded DemandMaven, and hasn’t looked back ever since. 

Previously, Asia served in a number of marketing roles, but most notably as head of marketing at Hull where she helped the team 10.5x in growth, and #FlipMyFunnel / Terminus as demand generation manager. Before her work and expertise in SaaS, Asia worked for Arke, a technology consulting firm that specialized in digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies.  

Asia was awarded the Technology Association of Georgia’s Up-and-Coming Marketer of the Year Award in 2019, and served on the Board of Directors of Moz before it was successfully acquired in 2021. Fun fact — Asia is also half-Peruana and half-Black, making DemandMaven a minority-owned corporation.

Asia’s superpowers:

  • Identifying greatest SaaS growth blockers
  • Leveraging insights from customer research
  • Operationalizing growth and marketing
  • Demand generation & paid acquisition


“I’ve worked with Asia as both a partner (in which we collaborated to serve a client together), and as a client myself (in which I hired her to own the strategy & execution of an ad campaign). There are very few marketers I hold in as high regard as Asia. From firsthand experience, when you hire Asia to lead your marketing, you’re not getting an extra pair of hands to manage an ad campaign or write blog posts. You’re getting a strategic partner who can help you design a more effective, full-customer-journey marketing program — and, ultimately, who can help you run your SaaS business more efficiently.

Claire Suellentrop

Co-founder, Elevate & Forget the Funnel

Here’s a few places we’ve been

Asia’s been featured on a number of podcasts and well-known SaaS blogs. Here’s a few:


– Baremetrics about the importance of founder-generated content
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Podcasts & Webinars

– Startups for the Rest of Us: Finding Marketing Channels, Seat-Limited Trials, Building a Brand, and More Listener Questions
– Everybody Hates Marketers: How to create a go-to-market strategy
– GrowthTLDR: The influencer strategy I use to help companies grow
– Learnwhy: Why marketing is all about relationships
– Forget the Funnel: Leading Change in Your SaaS Organization
– Forget the Funnel: How to navigate politics at work and have hard conversations
– SaaS District: How to get your first 100 customers with confidence and clarity
– UI Breakfast: How to get your first 100 customers
– Rogue Startups: Marketing 201
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– Growth Marketing Today: Getting to $100K MRR the Lean Way
– Quuu: Conversations with Asia Orangio


– MicroConf Starter: How to acquire your first 100 customers
– MicroConf Remote: 5-Minute Fix — Avoiding Analytics Debt
– Product-Led Growth: How to identify your best acquisition channels
– GrowthMentor Summit: How to get the first $100K MRR


– Stripe’s AMA: How to get your first 100 customers
– Atlanta Tech Village’s It Takes a Village 2020 Cohort
– Atlanta Tech Village’s It Takes a Village 2019 Cohort
– Atlanta Tech Village’s It Takes a Village 2018 Cohort
– Simply SaaS: Marketing 101
– Atlanta Tech Village: Go-to-market Strategy

How we help SaaS businesses grow

Growth Roadmapping & Strategy

We can help you strategize, prioritize, and plan the growth activities you need to see results. During this 2-hour growth roadmapping session, we’ll help you:

  • outline and define your marketing funnel
  • prioritize your growth activities and ideas
  • roadmap your demand generation activities for the next 3-months.

Perfect for founders and marketing leaders who really need a plan and want to get unblocked today.

The Growth Roadmapping Session is currently getting a makeover! Coming soon.

Growth Engagement

We will analyze your customers, market, competitors, and product and define your growth strategy in this 6-week Growth Engagement. We will help you:

  • bring focus to your best paying customers
  • refine your positioning & messaging
  • define your growth strategy & experiments
  • uncover your strategic "blindspots"
  • identify your highest-value growth opportunities

Plus, it’s completely customized to your exact business needs, target market, and your best growth opportunities.

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Ready to get started?

This sh*t ain't easy, but that's exactly why we built DemandMaven. We'll help you find your absolute best growth opportunities based on the "jobs" your customers are hiring the product for. Then, we'll show you exactly what needs to happen to achieve your goals.