So, what is DemandMaven?

DemandMaven, Inc. is a woman-owned growth consultancy that helps growing SaaS companies and startups find their absolute best growth opportunities, troubleshoot their growth, and generate their next $1M ARR. DemandMaven also works with early-stage SaaS companies on their go-to-market strategies and finding product-market fit. DemandMaven was founded in 2018 by Asia Orangio — 2x SaaS marketer for two high-growth, VC-funded startups.

“Working with DemandMaven was the biggest sense of relief.”

“I got the clarity and confidence that I and my business needed. If you’re thinking about hiring DemandMaven, you should obviously do it. A weight is going to lift off your shoulders, and you’re going to do some amazing work together. Your business won’t be the same.”


– Luke Beard, CEO & Founder of Exposure


Meet the Team

Asia Orangio, Founder, CEO, CSO

Our fearless leader and chief strategist. Asia manages operations, strategy, and growth opportunities. Her superpowers include identifying great SaaS growth blockers, leveraging insights from customer research, and operationalizing growth and marketing. Oh—and she’s the most organized person you’ll ever meet.

Kyle Ackerman, Growth Strategist

Kyle helps our clients by conducting customer & competitor research and creating growth strategies.  When he’s not in research mode, Kyle can be found on the fishing dock, grilling up some food and being a dad.

Lauren Lavender, Growth Strategist

When Lauren’s not building growth strategies, creating conversion worthy copy, producing ideal customer experience maps, and conducting customer research for clients, she can be found with her headphones on, podcasts rolling, and sipping a seriously delicious coffee. 

Kim Talarczyk, Client Services Manager

Kim helps all DemandMaven clients have an excellent experience using her organizational and project management talents. When she’s not ensuring operations are running smoothly, she can be found devouring a great book.

A few places we’ve been

Asia’s been featured on a number of podcasts and well-known SaaS blogs:



– Baremetrics about the importance of founder-generated content
Appcues about troubleshooting the onboarding experience
Ryan Robinson on how I made my first $10K in 90 days
DemandMaven on how to read growth hacking posts like an enlightened reader


Podcasts & Webinars

– Startups for the Rest of Us: Finding Marketing Channels, Seat-Limited Trials, Building a Brand, and More Listener Questions
– Everybody Hates Marketers: How to create a go-to-market strategy
– GrowthTLDR: The influencer strategy I use to help companies grow
– Learnwhy: Why marketing is all about relationships
– Forget the Funnel: Leading Change in Your SaaS Organization
– Forget the Funnel: How to navigate politics at work and have hard conversations
– SaaS District: How to get your first 100 customers with confidence and clarity
– UI Breakfast: How to get your first 100 customers
– Rogue Startups: Marketing 201
– Customer Intelligence Institute: How to skyrocket your SaaS growth
– Growth Marketing Today: Getting to $100K MRR the Lean Way
– Quuu: Conversations with Asia Orangio

– DGMG with Dave Gerhardt: First 100 Customers, Five Stages of Awareness, & Generating Sales Ready Leads

– Bootstrapped with Peldi Guilizzoni: Conducting customer interviews for the reluctant

– Marketing Meetup: How to acquire your first 100 customers




– MicroConf Starter: How to acquire your first 100 customers
– MicroConf Remote: 5-Minute Fix — Avoiding Analytics Debt
– Product-Led Growth: How to identify your best acquisition channels
– GrowthMentor Summit: How to get the first $100K MRR

– Wynter Games 2: Messaging Edition

– Wynter Games 7: Strategy Edition



– Stripe’s AMA: How to get your first 100 customers
– Atlanta Tech Village’s It Takes a Village 2020 Cohort
– Atlanta Tech Village’s It Takes a Village 2019 Cohort
– Atlanta Tech Village’s It Takes a Village 2018 Cohort
– Simply SaaS: Marketing 101
– Atlanta Tech Village: Go-to-market Strategy


How we help SaaS businesses grow

Go-to-market (GTM) Engagement

We can help you strategize, prioritize, and plan the go-to-market activities you need to claim your space in your market. During this 6-week GTM Engagement, we’ll help you:

  • get crystal clear on who your customers are and what they care about
  • establish your baseline and KPIs
  • start implementing your custom growth plan

Perfect for early-stage or beta founders who want to pinpoint their positioning, unblock the analysis paralysis, and enter the market with confidence.

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Growth Engagement

We will analyze your customers, market, competitors, and product and define your growth strategy in this 6-week Growth Engagement. We will help you:

  • bring focus to your best paying customers
  • refine your positioning & messaging
  • define your growth strategy & experiments
  • uncover your strategic "blindspots"
  • identify your highest-value growth opportunities

Plus, it’s completely customized to your exact business needs, target market, and your best growth opportunities.

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Á La Carte Services Menu (NEW ✨)

We're testing a new way for early-stage founders, CEOs, marketers, and product owners to work with us! “Á La Carte” means founders, CEOs, and marketing leaders can select from a menu of service offerings to design their ideal strategic project:

  • build your own custom engagement
  • get only the deliverables you need
  • stack or queue future one-off projects
  • get unblocked faster on growth

Perfect for early-stage founders, CEO, marketing leaders, and product owners who want specific micro-projects and have smaller budgets.

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Note: a microsite will open up in a new tab.

Bring your product to your people

It’s time for your hard work to shine. Book your Go-to-Market or Growth Engagement — so that two months from now, you and your team have the clarity and confidence you need to grow.