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In 10 detailed Jobs To Be Done (JTBD)-style interviews, we’ll identify how your customers found you, why they chose you over the competition, and why they buy


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 “Asia is an exceptional marketing and growth partner for early-stage SaaS. She’s one of the few people out there who can work both on marketing strategy and also execute on the tactics.”

Rob Walling

Co-founder, MicroConf & TinySeed

Get gold-nugget insights from your actual customers

It’s the classic conundrum of every growing SaaS:

What got you this far won’t get you where you’re going. 

If it’s been a while since you did a research-based deep dive with your customers (or you’ve never done one 😱), now is the time.

Don’t keep basing your business decisions on data that’s old enough to go to kindergarten. And definitely don’t make assumptions — because you know what they say about those.


Interviews are hard to do right — so we talk to your customers on your behalf

Even the chattiest, most empathetic teams are automatically at a disadvantage when it comes to conducting customer interviews.

Why? Because your customers can’t be truly honest with you.

Talking with a neutral third party (who also happen to be experienced JTBD interviewers 💅) allows your customers to share their real thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and ideas.

Not to mention that in-house interviewers often get stuck in the product feedback loop.

When you’re close to your own product, it’s too easy to miss the forest of opportunities for the feature-specific trees.

Finally, interviewing well is only half the battle.
It’s what you DO with your interviews that matters.
Our expert analysis turns your customer interviews into insights.


With a Jobs To Be Done Research Project, you’ll get useful answers to critical questions like…

  • What was going on in your customer’s life
    when they began looking for a solution like yours?
  • How did they find you?
  • How did they evaluate or compare your product with other options?
  • What eventually led them to choose you?
  • How are they using your product(s)?
  • What would be most useful to them in the future?

These insights don’t just influence your feature set or product roadmap.

What you learn from your customer research can and should guide all areas of your business — from identifying your unique position in the marketplace to shaping your marketing and sales outreach.

Research creates the foundation for predictable, consistent growth
at any stage. Why are you waiting to do it?

“I have been working with a mutual SaaS client on usability testing and feature/improvement roadmap so I’ve spent a lot of time in the research you prepared for them.

You guys do amazing work – I was really impressed.”

Stephanie Leathe

Product Lead, 923 Digital

Teams who do 10 interviews per month grow 2-3x faster than their competitors.” 

Make better strategic decisions
around marketing, product, and sales 

“What can I do with my JTBD Research Project results?”

Or, the question you’re really asking:

“Is this worth it for my business?”

And while we normally avoid blanket statements, in this case, we can confidently say:

The beautiful thing about qualitative customer research is that it’s valuable to businesses at any stage.

  • Startups rely on customer data to validate their product (and inform any pivots)
  • Growing companies rely on customer data to maintain a connection with their users as they scale
  • Enterprises rely on customer data to understand both their place in the market and how to effectively serve a wide range of customers

Your research results will reveal — and challenge​​ — your assumptions.

They’ll give you clarity on what to build next (and what to scrap).

And they’ll help you understand how to talk with your customers. So you can keep them around, and win more users like them.

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The JTBD Research Project 

Process, Deliverables, & Timeline


You buy the JTBD Research Project engagement.
We interview your customers.
You profit.



  • 10 interviews in the style of JTBD “switch” interviews all recorded, transcribed, and saved in Google Drive
  • A customer research repository of all of your interviews parsed and analyzed
  • 1-pager of interview highlights



4-5 weeks from the first customer interview

“DemandMaven is a secret weapon for B2B and B2C SaaS companies that want to sustainably grow. I highly recommend them!”

April Dunford

Author of Bestseller "Obviously Awesome" , Founder of Ambient Strategy

Dig deeper with the Insights Brief

Want even more useful takeaways from your JTBD Research Project?
Add the optional Insights Brief to discover:

  • The top “jobs” that customers are hiring your product for
  • What triggered customers to buy
  • What stood out about your product
  • What customers are hoping to accomplish by using your product
  • Top habits or previous solutions that were keeping them “stuck”
  • Why they finally decided to switch solutions
  • Channel opportunities for marketing
  • The moment your customers went “Aha!”
  • Dealbreakers that keep potential customers from buying
  • Key areas of improvement in the product

You don’t have to hire us to do your customer research…but please hire someone.

Even if your team does carve out the time to conduct customer research (and that’s a big “if”), it’s very likely you won’t get the valuable insights you’re looking for.

That’s because your customers simply won’t be as direct with you as they’ll be with someone else.

They’ll spare your feelings. They’ll troubleshoot product issues. They’ll make feature requests. 

And you’ll leave your interviews with a scattered spreadsheet full of conflicting information that doesn’t help anyone on your team succeed.

Tapping a third party to conduct your research will 1) get you more useful insights, 2) save your team from having to learn the delicate craft of interviewing, and 3) save your customers from being “practiced on.” 🥴

OK, here’s why you should hire us in particular.


To put it simply:

We live and breathe Jobs To Be Done.

We conduct these interviews every day across industries as different as B2B self-serve SaaS and B2C subscription-based companies.

Not to brag, but we’re pretty good.

We know where to dig deeper.
We know what words and phrases are “vague” and not actually helpful — and which are key points to reflect in your messaging and positioning. 

We structure every interview to get to the heart of what your business needs to know from your customers.

Instead of dumping a pile of recordings and raw data on you, we “parse” your customer interviews. Our team combs line-by-line through every transcript to identify recurring themes and patterns,
then tags those themes to slice and dice meaningful insights from.

Tedious? Yes. Crucial? Also yes.

We’re fun, friendly, and focused 

If you love your research results, there’s more.

Turn your JTBD Research Project into a growth roadmap with a full strategy engagement.

DemandMaven works with both early-stage and traction-stage SaaS businesses.
We can help you…

Find new growth opportunities or troubleshoot stalled growth with a Growth Engagement

Define your go-to-market strategy with a GTM Engagement

Solve marketing and positioning problems (or prevent them from happening) with a custom engagement

“Working with DemandMaven was the biggest sense of relief.”

“I got the clarity and confidence that I and my business needed. If you’re thinking about hiring DemandMaven, you should obviously do it. A weight is going to lift off your shoulders, and you’re going to do some amazing work together. Your business won’t be the same.”


– Luke Beard, CEO & Founder of Exposure

Work with a customer-obsessed team

DemandMaven was founded by lead growth strategist Asia Orangio in 2018. Along with her work here, Asia advises SaaS companies and VC funds all over the world. She’s also a TinySeed mentor, and previously sat on the board at Moz before its successful acquisition in 2021. 

Before starting DemandMaven, Asia worked for two VC-funded, high-growth startups in Atlanta, GA as head of marketing and head of demand generation. 

☝️ All that is to say that when you decide to work with DemandMaven, you’re getting a team who really gets SaaS.

Experienced in both B2B and B2C markets

Understand GTM strategies for a variety of models and market segments, including freemium, self-serve, demo, and SMB / mid-market / enterprise

Battle-tested in both VC-funded and bootstrapped companies

Deeply experienced with proven SaaS frameworks that generate results


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