Our Approach

Growing a Product-led Growth company requires a solid understanding of the basics: qualified acquisition, activation, short-term retention, and then later long-term retention. If you want to reach your goals, you’ll need a proven framework for getting there. Here’s how we consistently get results for our clients.

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DemandMaven is a secret weapon for B2B and B2C SaaS companies that want to sustainably grow. I highly recommend them!


– April Dunford, Author of Bestseller “Obviously Awesome” 

Step 1: Let’s have a chat.

  • 45-minute Discovery Call. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your business, the product, your ideal paying customer, and your goals. We’ll also answer any other burning questions you might have about the process of working together.
  • Right-direction guarantee: we promise that if we’re not the right provider, we’ll at least point you in the right direction.

What you get: Clarity about the process, and a few recommendations on what you could be doing right now

Step 2: Scoping + Agreement

After the Discovery Call, if there’s a fit, we’ll first work together to scope out your perfect project and draft an agreement with the stated strategic objectives of our project together. Then, we determine a project start date and move into the onboarding process.

  • Scoping. We’ll ask you more questions about what data you already have available, what decisions you’re hoping to make, and what progress you want to achieve after the project. Using this information, we’ll scope out a project that will hit each of your objectives and match your budget expectations.
  • Agreement and project plan. If you like what you see, we’ll send an agreement according to the Discovery Call and any other details we gathered throughout the process.

What you get: Crystal-clear answers on how you’ll get exactly what you need to meet your goals.

Step 3: Onboarding

Once the agreement is signed, we’ll begin the onboarding process based on our project plan!

  • Onboarding call. This is when we’ll get your team up to speed on how our project will run and get access to any software, data, or resources we’ll need throughout the project. 

What you get: A growth partner and clear overview of how we’ll work together. Plus, we’ll cover first projects.

“We hired DemandMaven to conduct market research as we started building the MVP of our product and I couldn’t be more relieved that we did. They painstakingly combed through every single interview, extracted the insights that we needed, validated what we already knew, and helped us think through what wasn’t validated to form new hypotheses instead. Based on what we gathered and the quality of the insights, I’m a huge fan.”

Davin Mac Ananey

CEO & Founder, Hamilton Rock

Step 4: Data-Gathering

Okay awesome. If you’re here, that means you’ve signed the contract, paid the deposit, and are ready to begin!

We always start with some form of “data-gathering” for our work. It’s non-negotiable. To us, data-gathering means gathering and collecting the data that you already have that we can use to extract valuable, actionable insights. 

This includes but isn’t limited to: existing research (interviews, surveys, etc.), access to software or tools (product analytics, marketing analytics, etc.), product demos, feedback from key stakeholders, and more.

  • Interviews and Research. Based on what data we already have, we’ll work together to gather any net new data — such as conducting interviews or designing and running surveys. 
  • Analysis of existing data. If our scope calls for it, we’ll analyze anything that would best serve us — including but not limited to product demos, analytics platforms (marketing, product, subscription, etc.), and more.

What you get: An inventory of what data you already have and being included in the process of hearing from customers, audience members, and more.

If it isn’t obvious, this step is crucial.

Step 5: Analysis & Insights Sharing

Finally, we’re at the part you’ve been waiting for: getting answers to your most burning questions.

As we progress through the interviews, research, and analysis, the real magic begins.

  • Actionable insights you can trust. From the interviews and original analysis, we’ll surface the key insights from the analysis work that your team can action on. See your “blind spots” or “success gaps” that prevent customers from achieving success with the product.
  • Product-led Growth recommendations. Get PLG recommendations for your team to execute across the entire customer experience: acquisition, activation, adoption, retention, and even expansion opportunities. 

What you get: That “oh sh*t” feeling, and an insanely detailed overview of how your customers find you, engage with your product, and the high-value growth opportunities that have surfaced along the way.

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