Stop guessing about what will make you grow.

 DemandMaven is your reliable growth partner for all
of your go-to-market and growth needs. 

The Growth Engagement is the customer insights-driven project your SaaS needs to unblock its growth. We’ll help you clarify your positioning and messaging, define the growth strategy, and prioritize your growth activities.


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It doesn’t matter if you’re VC-funded or bootstrapped, B2B or B2C, self-serve or a demo model — we will identify your best paying customers, define your growth strategy, and help you achieve your goals.

Growth doesn’t have to be a gamble.

Putting your SaaS on a path to achieving your MRR and revenue goals shouldn’t feel like a pipe dream, and it shouldn’t resemble the spaghetti your kid just threw at the wall. 

You're ready to start growing... except you don't know how

Like most of the CEOs and founders we work with, you’ve got an incredible product and a few paying customers already.

From what you see and hear, it’s clear that the product is showing signs of product-market fit, but you’re unsure of how to get more customers or troubleshoot your growth.

Building a strong path to growth is still unclear

SaaS businesses need a strong growth foundation in order to generate repeatable, scalable results. Except you’re at a loss for really knowing the basics:

  • Who your best customers are
  • Why your best customers buy over other alternatives
  • How the website performs (or doesn’t)
  • The top channels that generate the best customers
  • Where your customers hang out
  • Objections your customers have
  • What they’re comparing your product to

… and so much more.

You're not exactly thrilled to figure it out on your own

Knowing what you don’t know, you’re not exactly “excited” to try to learn growth on your own. You’ve heard the horror stories of founders wasting precious time and money trying to run growth themselves and hemorrhaging their seed round or 6-12 months of runway with little to show for it. 

You’d really much rather focus your time on being CEO and aligning the right people, systems, and resources to help your business grow.

You need growth clarity now, and as close to sustainable as possible

The “unknowns” are incredibly scary, but you know there’s people and partners out there who’ve been-there-done-that, and can help you shave a few years (and gray hairs) from the stress of “not knowing.”

You need a process or a framework that can help you arrive at the answers you need to get moving.

Introducing the Growth Engagement

DemandMaven’s Growth Engagement is how CEOs and founders achieve the answers they need to unlock growth in their organizations.

We’ve taken dozens of SaaS companies through our proven process and helped them achieve the clarity they need while also arriving at a defined plan for growth.


Get the clarity you need to unleash growth

We leverage customer research and market & competitive research to generate applicable insights for the business and inform the growth strategy.


Establish your baseline and set new KPI targets

We’ll analyze how your current funnel performs today and highlight what levers to pull to help you reach your goals — faster.


Start implementing your growth plan

We’ll define your growth strategy and clearly articulate your growth options. You can run with it from there, or hire us to implement it for you.

What’s inside a Growth Engagement

Out-of-the-box, every Growth Engagement covers all of the basics you need for growth — such as customer research, positioning and messaging, growth strategy, and more.

And if your business needs a little extra? We’ve got that built-in too.

Designed to be Custom

One size most certainly does not fit all in the world of SaaS and startups.

Sometimes a business needs a little extra, so there’s flexibility to add-on extra deliverables for maximum impact.

Customer research and insights

Positioning and messaging

Market & competitor research

Go-to-market strategy

Growth strategy

Marketing strategy

Price sensitivity analysis

Onboarding & activation strategy

Website strategy

Content marketing strategy

Growth roadmapping

Product-market fit analysis

We’ve got deep SaaS & growth roots

DemandMaven was founded by Asia Orangio in 2018 and acts as lead growth strategist on the team. Previously she worked for two VC-funded, high-growth startups in Atlanta, GA as head of marketing and head of demand generation. 

Asia also sits on the board at Moz and advises SaaS companies and VC funds all over the world. 

By working with DemandMaven, you’re getting a team who really gets SaaS:

Experienced in both B2B and B2C markets

Understand GTM strategies for a variety of models and market segments — such as freemium, self-serve, demo, and SMB / mid-market / enterprise

Battle-tested in both VC-funded and bootstrapped companies

Deeply experienced with proven SaaS frameworks that generate results


The Growth Engagement:
the growth structure you’ve been wanting

Our approach to growth is simple: there are no silver bullets, one size does not fit all, and the best answers lie within your existing customers and team. Here’s a deeper-dive on our approach to each of these critical growth practices: 

Customer Research & Insights

In order to grow, you need to know where and who that growth is actually coming from. That’s why the best growth ideas are actually right under your nose: your customers.

With customer research, we’ll interview your best paying, highest LTV customers and get to the heart of:

  • Who your best customers are
  • Why they bought your product
  • What makes the product different, better, and special
  • How to find more customers just like them

Positioning & Messaging

As positioning expert April Dunford says, “Positioning isn’t something you create. It’s something you discover.”

We’ll analyze the market and identify the best positioning based on what we heard from customers and what’s in the market today.

Our work in positioning & messaging directly applies to:

  • Sales communication to warm and cold audiences
  • Website copy and messaging
  • Ad copy 
  • Messaging for software directories like Capterra, G2 Crowd, etc.

Growth Strategy

After analyzing customers, the market, and the product, we’ll define your growth strategy. For us, a growth strategy means you’re crystal-clear on the following:

  • How best to position the product in the market today
  • What channels to start leveraging
  • How to best invest in those channels
  • What gaps the existing funnel need to fill — such as website copy or adjusting the messaging
  • Benchmarks you’ll need to hit to reach your goals 
  • What KPIs to track to know you’re making progress

Go-To-Market Strategy

Not all founders and CEOs may realize this, but every time something in the business changes, it directly impacts your go-to-market strategy.

Adding a new feature set to the product or changing the model (pricing, plans, etc.) also directly changes your go-to-market strategy.

We’ll define your GTM strategy as it stands today and what needs to change to help you get where you need to go. We cover:

  • Positioning & messaging
  • Channels — both GTM channels and digital channels
  • Model & pricing

Growth Roadmapping

Defining the strategy is great and all, but how about knowing what tactics come first? 

That brings us to growth roadmapping — clear prioritization on what to invest first and where the dependencies lie. Our guarantee: you’ll walk away knowing exactly what needs to be implemented, when it needs to be implemented, and how best to do it.

Product-Market Fit Analysis

Throughout our engagement, we may discover that there’s stark differences in product-market fit for certain customer segments. We’ll use our favorite product-market fit frameworks to help you analyze your customer base and inform your growth strategy.

DemandMaven has an incredible ability to quickly learn a company’s vision and begin executing deliverables immediately.”

“They provided immense value to our Motivo team by diving deep into customer and industry research, and then using that data to create a strategic, step-by-step revenue-generating marketing plan.”

– Rachel McCrickard, CEO & Founder of Motivo

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the entire process look like from start to finish?

That’s an excellent question. Here’s a complete overview of the entire process.

After completing an application and jumping on an initial discovery call, we’ll start with a full 1-hour on-boarding session where we’ll cover the product, your customers, the existing marketing stack, and the current funnel experience.

Afterwards, we’ll suggest a project timeline with deadlines so I can get everything I need to give you the absolute best insights.

If you have a sales team, we’ll need to meet with your Sales leader for their perspective and experience to further influence the growth strategy.

Throughout the entire engagement, we’ll be crafting your actionable growth strategy.

How much does it cost?

The Growth Engagement starts at $10K for a one-time project. The project lasts for about 6-8 weeks, however it depends on the schedules of your paying customers and when we can interview them.

How long does a Growth Engagement last?

The project typically lasts for about 6-8 weeks, however it depends on the schedules of your paying customers and when we can interview them.

What are the deliverables in a Growth Engagement?

We provide a few deliverables throughout the engagement to make the insights easier-to-digest and as action-oriented as possible. All of our strategic work is documented in either a slide presentation, visual board, spreadsheet, or written document. Customer interviews are recorded, transcribed, and parsed in a database that provides data-driven insights and serves as the source of truth for “voice of customer.” Our roadmaps are delivered visually, and re-packaged in a written format once reviewed and approved.

No matter what we create, it is yours to keep. Our deliverables aim to be educational while also clearly defining the plan and next steps. And then of course, they’re designed so that anyone can pick up the plan and implement it.

This sounds like a lot of work. How much of my time will you need?

You’re not wrong. It is a lot of work, but few things that are worth doing rarely require little to no effort. 

When we work together, we’re partners. The founders and startups that we work with that get the most value out of a Growth Sprint are the ones who are engaged, provide timely feedback, and enable us with the information we need to be successful.


What happens after the Growth Engagement?

Growth Engagements are designed to illuminate the clearest paths to achieving results, so after we deliver our insights and the plan for moving forward, the next step is to decide how you’ll execute it. CEOs and founders usually have a few options after doing a Growth Engagement with DemandMaven:

  • Execute the plan themselves with their existing team
  • Hire a full-time marketer or head of growth
  • Hire contractors or freelancers to execute
  • Hire us to implement the plan

All of these are valid options and will depend on your budget and needs.

What if I don't have any paying customers? Can I still get value from this?

Excellent question. The TL;DR answer: it will be valuable, but it won’t be as effective.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t have paying customers, then most of the growth strategy is based on a lot of guessing. Think about it — how do you craft your strategy for acquiring more amazing customers if you don’t have any at all? You’ve got to guess. You’ve got to guess on who they are. You’ve got to guess on where to find them. And you’ve got to guess on what’s going to make them use your product.

You can do research to make your guess into a hypothesis, but at the end of the day, you won’t know until you try it. Even then, there’s no guarantee that there will be paying customers at the end of the tunnel. It’s just as possible to try to optimize for an unclear funnel for an unknown customer segment that may not actually exist.

This stage is what we call “The Great Unknown.” There’s so much that can happen and inform the founder’s mind on where the best opportunities actually lie.

We’ve seen some founders start the process of getting paying customers based on their best guesses and then realize they need to completely pivot their product. Others may discover that they’ve been thinking and dreaming of the wrong customer segment this whole time. Others quickly learn that their potential customers don’t even consider solutions like theirs because of one specific feature.

Some founders go through this phase and come out of it in a few weeks. Other founders can take actual years to get there. Not saying that to scare you — it’s simply the truth.

It’s important that we work with businesses that have achieved the first critical milestone of proving the need for the product and getting (at least) their first 10 paying customers. The reason being is because of three things:

  1. It’s more likely “The Great Unknown” will present new information that completely changes your GTM strategy (and therefore rocks the boat of whatever we’d be doing)
  2. It’s impossible to determine product-market fit until someone pays real money (believe me when I say that cash changes everything; anything else is a hunch or a best-guess)
  3. You’ll be hiring us to do a lot of guesswork based on quite a lot of hypothesis (which isn’t really an effective investment to make)

If you have active users but they’re not paying for the product yet, then there’s definitely a use case for bringing us in. We’d help you figure out how best to monetize the product and improve adoption rates as you more fully go-to-market.

Here’s what we’d recommend if you’re in the boat of “I have no paying customers and need some”:

  • Focus on customer development and discovery; use research as a way to get in front of your potential customers
  • Do some research on where your prospects hang out online and offer it to them
  • Tap your existing networks to find your first 10 customers — including friends, family, colleagues, etc
  • Offer pilot programs to your potential customers and see who really raves about it (and who doesn’t)
  • Consider running an outbound sales process and reaching out to prospects (yes — even if it’s not “scalable”; scalable doesn’t matter at this stage — only passionate, die-hard fans of the product)
  • Build an audience of potential prospects by providing value in some forms; this audience becomes your potential customer base

Ready to get started?

This sh*t ain't easy, but that's exactly why we built DemandMaven. We'll help you find your absolute best growth opportunities based on the "jobs" your customers are hiring the product for. Then, we'll show you exactly what needs to happen to achieve your goals.