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Growth Engagement

Not exactly sure what the growth strategy is? Have no idea who your best customers are or what the best positioning should be in order to win in your market? Want answers now on where to focus? In this Growth Engagement, we’ll interview your customers, parse the data into actionable insights, define your growth strategy and show you exactly what it’s going to take to unlock your growth. The Growth Engagement is a one-time engagement and takes around 1.5 – 2 months to complete.

NOTE: This offering is the most popular and books out 1 – 2 months in advance. 

Growth Retainer – $5K+ per month

A “done-for-you” Growth Retainer to help you keep costs predictable (read: stay lean!) but also get the growth help you need. From setting up campaigns to managing your acquisition channels to building the marketing engine, this engagement easily covers all bases. Plus, it’s completely customized to your exact business needs, target market, and your best growth opportunities based on what we learned in the Growth Engagement (see above).

NOTE: This engagement is only offered to clients who complete the Growth Engagement. Retainers start at $5K per month with limited availability.

Growth Roadmapping Session

Need a deeper dive into your marketing activities and business? During this 2-hour Growth Roadmapping Session, I’ll help you prioritize your growth activities and ideas based on the current performance of the marketing funnel and roadmap your demand generation activities for the next 3-months. Perfect for founders and marketing leaders who need help getting focused.

The Growth Roadmapping Session is getting a makeover! We’ll be back soon.

Bring your product to the people

It's time for your hard work to shine. Book your Go-to-Market Engagement now — so that two months from now, you and your team have the clarity and confidence you need to grow.