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Cut through the sea of SaaS sameness & perfectly position your product

Confidently take your product from early-stage or beta
to marketplace contender with the Go-to-Market Engagement


And get where you’re growing faster

Hardworking software startups, we see you — and we love you. ❤️️

Let’s clarify your positioning, identify your best customers, and start scaling your SaaS sustainably.

Who’s the Go-to-Market (GTM) Engagement for?

You know better than anyone that hitting the first $10,000 in recurring revenue is a game-changer. Maybe you’ve already racked up a few paying customers — but you’re not quite sure what to do next, and you need to avoid losing momentum.

Or maybe you’re starting from ground zero and need someone to battle-test the assumptions you’ve made about your target market (and product).

DemandMaven is here to help you predictably hit your next milestone: $10,000/month in recurring or subscription revenue, from at least 10 customers. 

Our GTM Engagement is built expressly for… 


Early-stage Founders, CEOs, & product owners who want to fast-track growth & find new ways to grow

You know there’s “something here” when it comes to tapping into what your market needs. You’ve created a product that solves a real problem.

Now it’s time to get to know your market better, find out how they TALK about those problems, and bring your software to more of its right-fit users.


SaaS & software businesses aiming to reach $10K MRR

Maybe you’re already growing, but things are happening slower than you’d like. Or maybe you’ve hit a plateau, and it’s time to explore new channels and opportunities. 

The path to $10K MRR looks different for every business — but behind every SaaS success is a commitment to leading with data.



Burned-out, overwhelmed, and stressed leaders looking for gut-checks & guidance

Our strategy is rooted in customer research and years of experience working exclusively with software founders and creators. If the question “Now what?” is keeping you up at night, tap us to take the wheel for 6-8 weeks of in-depth research, analysis, and strategy.

During the process, you’ll… 

  • Get to know your customers (or potential customers) more intimately than ever before to learn what drives them, motivates them, and frustrates them 
  • Closely examine your product’s positioning in the marketplace, identify gaps or issues, and nail down what really makes you unique (psst, it might not be what you think!) 
  • Discover which channels, campaigns, and communities are the highest-ROI places to focus your budget and efforts

DemandMaven has an incredible ability to quickly learn a company’s vision and begin executing deliverables immediately.”

“They provided immense value to our Motivo team by diving deep into customer and industry research, and then using that data to create a strategic, step-by-step revenue-generating marketing plan.”

– Rachel McCrickard, CEO & Founder of Motivo

Get to $10K MRR with confidence

Our systematic approach is founded on the Jobs To Be Done method. Why JTBD? Because with this method, we keep the strategic focus on your best-fit customers and how your product serves them. 

After conducting in-depth customer and competitor research, we analyze the data — and use it to create a clear-cut plan for your next steps to sustainable, predictable growth.

>> Psst, already bringing in $1M+ ARR? You’re looking for the Growth Engagement.


Step 1: Get crystal-clear on your customers

Your success thus far isn’t a fluke —  and your next stage of success won’t be, either.

We conduct in-depth customer research to understand not just who your customers are, but why they choose you.

Next, we analyze that data alongside market & competitive research to answer important questions like “What messaging works best? What channels should we focus on? What roles should we hire for next?”


Step 2: Establish your baseline & KPIs

Sure, the number of new subscribers walking in your digital door might be few to none (for now). But we can still make sure you’re set up to attract visitors and track the journey from Total Stranger to Delighted Customer. So when you turn on the traffic tap, you’ll know exactly where your leads are leaking out.”

During this analysis, we’ll establish benchmarks to measure your growth by. And we’ll identify the best levers to pull to help you reach your goals faster.


Step 3: Start implementing your growth plan

None of this “Here’s a bunch of fancy documentation, see you later” consulting malarkey.

After we define your growth strategy and clearly articulate your growth options, you’ll have clear action steps. You can run with your strategy from there, or hire us to implement it for you.

Our flexible process grows with you

Every Go-to-Market (GTM) Engagement covers the strategic areas that directly contribute to your growth, including customer research, positioning and messaging, channels, media spend, and more. While our process is always the same, what it reveals about your business is unique — and uniquely valuable.

And if you want to go a little deeper? We got you. Easily expand your engagement to include onboarding & activation strategy, content marketing strategy, and a whole lot more.

Choose your own growth adventure

One size definitely doesn’t fit all — especially in the SaaS and startup world.

That’s why the Go-to-market Engagement comes with add-on deliverables. We’ll recommend the right ones for you, so you can walk away with everything your business needs to grow.


Customer research and insights. Why do they buy? Why do they buy from you? And what keeps them coming back?

Positioning and messaging. Discover which concepts and copy really resonate

Market & competitor research. Understand your place in the market, so you can get to 1st cool

Marketing strategy. Instead of spraying scattershot, use your budget on the channels that earn the most ROI

Growth strategy. Know exactly where you’re going and how you’ll get there


Price sensitivity analysis. Price can be a big reason to buy (or not). Don’t over look it!

Onboarding & activation strategy. Win and activate more customers

Website strategy. Site not doing your SaaS justice? You wouldn’t be the first…

Content marketing strategy. Publish useful stuff your target audience loves to share

Growth roadmapping. Understand which steps to prioritize and choose the people & tools to get you there

Product-market fit analysis. Get concrete, quantitative answers on if the product *actually* has product-market fit.

“Working with DemandMaven was the biggest sense of relief.”

“I got the clarity and confidence that I and my business needed. If you’re thinking about hiring DemandMaven, you should obviously do it. A weight is going to lift off your shoulders, and you’re going to do some amazing work together. Your business won’t be the same.”

– Luke Beard, CEO & Founder of Exposure

Work with a growth-obsessed team

DemandMaven was founded by lead growth strategist Asia Orangio in 2018. Along with her work here, Asia advises SaaS companies and VC funds all over the world. She’s also a TinySeed mentor, and sits on the board at Moz. 

Before starting DemandMaven, Asia worked for two VC-funded, high-growth startups in Atlanta, GA as head of marketing and head of demand generation. 

☝️ All that is to say that when you decide to work with DemandMaven, you’re getting a team who really gets SaaS.

Experienced in both B2B and B2C markets

Understand GTM strategies for a variety of models and market segments, including freemium, self-serve, demo, and SMB / mid-market / enterprise

Battle-tested in both VC-funded and bootstrapped companies

Deeply experienced with proven SaaS frameworks that generate results


Reserve your GTM Engagement now to launch successfully,
not splashily

Reaching #1 on Product Hunt is great, but you know what’s even better? Having a dedicated pool of paying customers when all the digital confetti settles.

Our process is rooted in how to better serve the actual humans who need your product — whether or not they know it yet. And the results of our work together are always unique to your SaaS.

Here’s how we approach each of the critical practices that make up your GTM Engagement: 

Customer Research & Insights

In order to grow, you need to know where and who that growth is actually coming from (hint: it might not be who you think!). That’s why the best growth ideas are actually right under your nose. They come from your customers.

As part of our customer research process, we’ll interview your highest-LTV customers to get to the heart of:

  • Who your best customers are
  • Why they bought your product
  • What makes the product different, better, and special in their eyes
  • How to find more customers just like them

Positioning & Messaging

As positioning expert April Dunford says, “Positioning isn’t something you create. It’s something you discover.”

We’ll analyze the competitive market and identify the best positioning based on what we heard from customers and what’s in the market today.

Our work in positioning & messaging directly improves your:

  • Sales communication to warm and cold audiences
  • Website copy and messaging
  • Ad copy 
  • Messaging for software directories like Capterra, G2 Crowd, etc.

Growth Strategy

After analyzing your customers, market, and product, we’ll define your growth strategy.

What does that actually mean, you ask? We’ll find out:

  • How best to position your product in the market today
  • What channels to start leveraging (and which to scrap, if applicable)
  • How to best invest your marketing budget
  • What gaps your existing funnel needs to fill — such as adding to (or rewriting) your website copy
  • Benchmarks you’ll need to hit to reach your goals 
  • What KPIs to track to know you’re making progress

Pricing & Model Insights for Marketing

Not all founders and CEOs may realize this, but every time something in the business changes, it directly impacts your marketing strategy.

Adding a new feature set to the product or changing the model (pricing, plans, etc.) also directly changes how you should be marketing.

We’ll define your marketing strategy as it stands today and what needs to change to help you get where you need to go. We cover:

  • Positioning & messaging
  • Channels — both GTM channels and digital channels
  • Model & pricing

Growth Roadmapping

Defining your growth strategy is great and all, but how about knowing what tactics come first?

That brings us to growth roadmapping — AKA clear prioritization on what to invest first and where the dependencies lie.


Our guarantee: you’ll walk away knowing exactly what needs to be implemented, when it needs to be implemented, and how best to do it.

Product-Market Fit Analysis

Throughout our engagement, we may discover that there’s stark differences in product-market fit for certain customer segments. We’ll use our favorite product-market fit frameworks to help you analyze your customer base and inform your growth strategy.

I needed somebody who could help us do things, execute things, and actually work towards a whole marketing effort, not just strategy.”

“Asia is more of a partner, a team member, and we’re working toward the same thing.”

– Brian Faust, CEO & Co-founder, Rindle

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the entire process look like from start to finish?

That’s an excellent question. Here’s a complete overview of the entire process.

After you complete your application and jump on an initial discovery call to see if we’re the right fit, we’ll start with a full 1-hour onboarding session. During this hour, we’ll go over your product, your customers, the existing marketing stack, and the current funnel experience.

Afterward, we’ll suggest a project timeline with deadlines so we can gather everything we need to give you the most useful insights. 

And if you have a sales team, we’ll meet with your sales leader(s) for their perspective and experience.

Throughout the entire engagement, we’ll be crafting your actionable growth strategy.

How much does it cost?

The GTM Engagement starts at $15K for a one-time project that hands you the insights and action steps you need to confidently go-to-market.

How long does a GTM Engagement last?

The project typically lasts for about 6-8 weeks, but ultimately, the timeline depends on the schedules of your audience members, team, and/or paying customers and when we can interview them.

What are the deliverables in a GTM Engagement?

We provide deliverables throughout the engagement to make our insights easy to digest, and as action-oriented as possible. 

All of our strategic work is documented in either a slide presentation, visual board, spreadsheet, or written document. Customer interviews are recorded, transcribed, and parsed in a database that provides data-driven insights and serves as the source of truth for your actual, honest-to-God “voice of customer.” Our customer experience map is delivered visually, and presented again in a written format once reviewed and approved.

No matter what we create, it’s yours to keep. Our deliverables aim to be educational while also defining the plan and next steps. (And, of course, they’re laid out so clearly that even a trained monkey could pick up the plan and implement it.)

This sounds like a lot of work. How much of my time will you need?

You’re not wrong. It is a lot of work, but it’s worth doing!

When we work together, we’re partners. The founders and startups that we work with — the ones that get the most value out of a GTM Engagement — are the folks who engage, provide timely feedback, and help us access the information we need to be successful.


What happens after the GTM Engagement?

GTM Engagements are designed to illuminate the clearest paths to achieving results, so after we deliver our insights and the plan for moving forward, the next step is to decide how you’ll execute it. CEOs and founders usually choose one of the following paths:

  • Execute the plan themselves with their existing team
  • Hire a full-time marketer or head of growth
  • Hire contractors or freelancers to execute
  • Hire us to implement the plan through a retainer

All of these are valid options and will depend on your budget and needs.

What if I don't have any paying customers? Can I still get value from this?

Absolutely! The GTM Engagement is designed for companies that don’t have paying customers yet, but it is best if they do have audience members that we can tap and talk to. This means any prospects you’ve done interviews with in the past or even team members who can provide knowledge about the problem in the market.

Bring your product to your people

It’s time for your hard work to shine. Book your Go-to-Market or Growth Engagement — so that two months from now, you and your team have the clarity and confidence you need to grow.