The Growth Process

Growth isn’t just a willy-nilly practice. If you want to reach your goals, you’ll need a proven framework for getting there. Here’s how we consistently get results for our clients.
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Step 1: Let’s have a chat.

  • 45-minute Discovery Call. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your business, the product, the market you want to serve, and your goals. We’ll also answer any other burning questions you might have about the process of working together.

What you get: Clarity about the process, and a few recommendations on what you could be doing right now.

Step 2: Agreement & Onboarding

After the Discovery Call, if there’s a fit, we’ll draft an agreement with the stated strategic objectives of our project together. Then, we determine a project start date and begin the onboarding process.

  • Agreement and project plan. If you like what you see, we’ll scope out an agreement according to the Discovery Call and any other details we’ll need before sending it over.
  • Onboarding call. This is when we’ll get your team up to speed on how our project will run and get access to anything we’ll need throughout the project. 

What you get: A growth partner and clear overview of how we’ll work together. Plus, we’ll cover first projects.

“We hired DemandMaven to help us with all things marketing. It was immediately apparent that they were smart, confident, and motivated. They were able to understand our business, implement strategy, and make an immediate impact. They will tell you what you need to hear, adapt when the target moves, and crack a joke with a smile. All without breaking a sweat! That’s why we’re still working with them today. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and a huge asset to our team.”

Brian Faust

CEO & Co-Founder, Rindle

Step 3: Customer Interviews and Research

Okay awesome. If you’re here, that means you’ve signed the contract, paid the deposit, and are ready to begin!

We always start with customer research and interviews. It’s non-negotiable. These aren’t your average “Do you think this feature would be valuable?” product-oriented interviews. Those kinds of interviews aren’t the best for making marketing and growth decisions.

I’m talking about the powerhouse interviews that get to the knitty-gritty of exactly how your customer views your product, what they get out of it, how we find more of them, and how we convert and retain more of them.

  • Interviews and Research. We’ll focus on one specific audience — typically the best-fit, best-paying customers (or the ones you need help attracting more of). We’ll work together to secure interviews and launch these surveys, but I promise you — it’s a step you’ll never skip ever again after doing it with us. You get access to all of the recordings and transcripts of all the interviews we do. If we send surveys, you’ll have ownership over all the data.
  • Customer Research Database. After interviewing customers, we’ll take the recordings of the interviews, turn them into transcripts, and then parse all of the customer interviews in an Airtable database that you’ll have forever access to. We also analyze the data and build reports so you can see how we take qualitative data and turn it into quantitative strategic insights that will fuel the growth of the business.
  • JTBD Brief. Our research will uncover the top “jobs to be done” that your customers are hiring for and what’s blocking them from achieving their JTBD with the product. This deliverable goes deep into the psychographics, triggers, and behaviors of your customers. We’ll even break out the major differences between the top 2-3 JTBD within the customer data set.
  • Messaging Guide. Based on the top JTBD, we’ll adjust your positioning, highlight the most critical value propositions to focus on in the messaging, and provide example website copy to show how the adjustments would get applied in real-life.
  • Customer Experience Mapping. All of these insights funnel into a customer journey map — a key deliverable we’re going to need to make the best possible decisions about how to acquire more of these best-fit customers, the psychological and physical journey it took them to find your product, and the funnel we’re going to need to implement.

What you get: That “oh sh*t” feeling, and an insanely detailed overview of how your customers find you, engage with your product, and the high-value in-app behaviors they take.

If it isn’t obvious, this step is crucial.

Step 4: Marketing & Growth Strategy

You’ll need a data-driven approach to your marketing strategy, and you’ll need to know what you can implement today and what you need to be building for tomorrow.

As we progress through the interviews, research, and journey-mapping exercises, the real magic begins.

  • Your Completely Custom Marketing Strategy™️. From the interviews and original analysis, we’ll be able to craft a rock-solid, data-driven marketing strategy and a concrete plan for execution against that strategy. We’ll cover the channels and campaigns we should either test or optimize first, and what long-term strategies are likely to deliver the best results over time. We’ll also define your “blind spots” or “success gaps” — the things we’ll need to be aware of and overcome.
  • Your Personalized Growth Experiments. In order for us to put our strategy to the test, we’ll also design a few growth experiments for your team to execute. Includes demand generation experiments, website messaging tests, onboarding optimization, landing page creation, and more. 

What you get: The most clear, in-depth marketing plan you’ve ever seen that virtually anyone could execute complete with a prioritized list of growth experiments to execute and move the needle. Plus, it’s driven by all of the data that we gathered in Step 3 — not hunches.

“Working with DemandMaven was the biggest sense of relief. I finally had a better picture of what it was going to take to really get momentum in a specific direction. I got the clarity and confidence that I and my business needed.”
Luke Beard

CEO & Co-Founder, Exposure

Step 5: Implementation (Optional)

At DemandMaven, we’re a strategy-house first and an execution partner second. We can help you execute against the plan and provide strategic guidance along the way. If it makes sense for all parties involved, we’ll move into a Growth Retainer model. Rates depend on scope of work.

  • Optional: Execution on the Plan™️. We can execute against a few core areas:
    • Paid Acquisition Strategy
    • Paid Acquisition Management
    • Demand Generation (Landing Pages, Copywriting, etc.)
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Marketing Operations
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Content Creation
    • Ongoing Growth Strategy
  • Optional: Implement Marketing Infrastructure. This is all of the operations and data integration needs that your marketing function is going to need to be successful. We’ll work together on a plan for getting this setup, then actually do it.
  • Optional: Ongoing Optimization and Exploration. Marketing doesn’t sit still. It’s constantly enterprising.

What you get: A massive sigh of relief that someone is taking this off your shoulders, and the beginnings of a strong asf marketing engine that brings results.

Step 6: Growth Dashboard & Results Reporting

If we’re working together in a Growth Retainer, we’ll also handle the reporting and quarterly benchmarking and planning.

  • Ongoing analytics and results review. Every single week, we’ll report on any results we’re seeing in addition to key observations. Every month, we’ll cover any larger scale changes in marketing and growth:
    • Marketing site performance through Google Analytics and Hotjar
    • Monthly funnel analysis through subscription metrics and product analytics (like Baremetrics, Amplitude, ChartMogul, Mixpanel, etc.)
    • In-app session recording review.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting of growth experiments and their performance. This is where we measure our results and outline new opportunities to test and grow.

What you get: Weekly documentation of marketing and growth performance in addition to overall analysis of the SaaS performance.

By the time we get here, there’s really no limit to what we’ll be able to accomplish. ✨

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